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Breakfast Breakfast at Burbridge
Mealtime at the Burbridge Street Bed and Breakfast is a social and memorable part of the B&B experience here. Guests assemble at a mutually convenient time in the formal Dining Room, at the 8-seat round Centennial Dining table. There often are as many as 4 countries represented among the guests at one seating. Lively conversations are the standard over the succeeding breakfast courses.

Guests are treated to a lovely plate of fresh cut melon pieces garnished with seasonal berries, grapes and fruit. Following the melon & fruit, there are an assortment of cold cereals (and hot cereals in season), with a choice of fresh fruit toppings. Next comes the side table full of gourmet fresh bread selections, from bakeries of the Amish, and the locally renowned "LeBus Bakery". Sweet breads, sourdough breads, tart flavored, and specialties, whole grains, multi grain, muffins -- whatever your preferences, you're sure to find something to tempt your palate.

A choice of robust coffee, tea (green, black, or herbals), several juices, and filtered water round out the meal. The exchange of personal information often follows the formation of new friendships across the dining room table.

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